Visitor Visa



This visa allows people to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and/or friends. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes including study for less than three months.


Visa validity

You may be granted a Tourist visa for:

a stay of up to 12 months, or a shorter period, depending on the purpose of the visit and your personal circumstances

a single entry or multiple entries to Australia.

You must leave Australia on or before the date that your visa expires.


Visa conditions

・      You must not work while in Australia
Note: Voluntary work may be permitted.

・   You must not study for more than three months while in Australia

Volunteer work tourism schemes

In general terms, you may be able to work as a volunteer whilst on a Tourist visa if:

your main purpose in visiting Australia is tourism, and any voluntary work remains incidental to this

the work involved would not otherwise be undertaken, in return for wages, by an Australian resident

the work is genuinely voluntary and that no remuneration is received in return for the activities.

Note: It is acceptable, under the conditions of the Tourist visa, to receive meals, accommodation and/ or reimbursement of out-of-pocket living expenses in return for voluntary work.


Visa Requirements

・       You must have a genuine intention to visit Australia as a tourist, for recreation or to visit your family and/or friends..

・       You must meet certain health requirements & Character requirements.
・   You must have access to sufficient funds to cover all costs for the duration of your stay in Australia, including health insurance if required.


Exclude ETA・eVisitor nationals – Tourist Visa

Exclude ETA ・ eVisitor natonals

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