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About AOM Visa Consulting

AOM Visa Consulting (AOM) was established in 2010, Tokyo Japan and we started our professional service to provide Australia and New Zealand Immigration consultation service both in Japanese and English language. We collaborate together with each country’s Immigration lawyers / International Taxation advisers and provide immigration service.


The expansion of overseas business by Japanese corporate became active, and mobility services became more important for corporate, however, still there are very few foreign Immigration professional service providers based in Japan.
Considering the timely resource strategy, we provide appropriate advice to minimize the issues of mobility and make smooth pathway for all clients.


AOM Visa Consulting is the only Japanese member of Investment Migration Council (IMC) and Invest in the USA (IIUSA).


From Migration to Mobility

Also, movement of individual investors is becoming active in various countries around the world, and this trend has become remarkable in Japan as well.
Highly skilled personnel are constantly moving all over the world no matter where came from. Based on those situations, the concept of immigration is now ‘Mobility’ rather than ‘Migration’ = Immigration service is becoming mainstream now. The selection of the country has diversified in considering the family and their future lifestyle, the view of the life, business operation and business succession. From this kind of flow, we are offering investor visas for countries that may be interested by Japanese citizen.
On the other hand,  Japan is now one of the most popular destinations for foreigners.  Japan is high advanced country in Asia and there are various investment opportunities all over Japan. In order to facilitate investment activities, AOM provides Japanese immigration service for specifically business people and investors. We hope to leverage our professional service and become a bridge between Japan and various countries.

Provide High quality of Professional service

Especially in case of investor visa, cooperation with the immigration lawyers and Tax advisers by each country is essential, and the wide global network is our strength. Based on our extensive experience of dealing exclusively with the Oceanian Immigration Legislation for many years, we expand our service to non-Oceania countries. We offer the best solution for each client.

In some cases, immigration services are ‘non-borders’ and we make effort to provide high-quality immigration consulting service in Japan base.

Nowadays, mobility services are becoming center of focus. We will carry out as an Immigration consultant and execute long-term commitment as a mission.


Work Visa

This visa is for the expat or the person who plans to work for local company in that country and sponsored by employer.

Investor Visa

This is the program for permanent residency or citizenship by investing certain amount of money for few years.


There are several types of visa category depends on the purpose of visit.
Temporary Resident : Researcher, Trainee, Temporary work, Student etc.
Permanent Resident: Partner Visa, Employer Nomination

Managing Partner
Yayoi Ashikaga

More than 20years experience for immigration service industry including practical experience at the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Embassy, Tokyo as a Senior Visa officer. During that period, attended interview, made decision on behalf of Minister for various type of visas such as Visitor, Student, Work, Temporary Resident and Permanent Resident etc. Before joined the Embassy, experienced for working in New Zealand as well and built network throughout Oceania Region.

After left the Embassy, worked for Investment banks and gained skills for mobility management at HR and built various network within industry.

Corporate Profile

Company Name AOM Limited ( AOM Visa Consulting )
Address 33F, Shiroyama Trust Tower, 4-3-1, Toranomon, Minato,Tokyo 105-6033, Japan
TEL 03-4540-6305
FAX 050-8885-9318
Managing Partner Yayoi Ashikaga
Established 23 March 1992
Business overview Immigration consulting & service / Translation service