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Japan has become one of the most popular destinations all over the world. That is not only for tourist but also business people / investors.  Business activities by foreign nationals have become very active recently. The Japanese Government launched ‘National Strategic Special Zone’ with areas such Tokyo and Fukuoka since 2015 in order to advance structural reform of the economic system. These areas now hold more advantages to for people wishing to develop a business in Japan.

As for Tourism, Japanese Government commenced ‘Long Stay Visa’ to enable foreigners to enjoy long term holiday and lifestyle in Japan.

We collaborate with immigration and other relevant specialists in Japan and provide extensive service to valued clients based on our wide-ranging network.  Also we may be able to provide property investment opportunities through our network in Japan.

Visa Categories


Business Manager


Long Stay for sightseeing and recreation


Points-based System for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals


Intra-Company Transferee