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Intra-Company Transferee

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Intra-Company Transferee


This visa is for people who are seeking for working in Japan as an Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) of overseas company. There are two options


  • Setting up ‘Representative Office’ in Japan and do marketing survey and information gathering activity in Japan.


Working for branch / entity in Japan office.

Advantage of Representative Office in Japan

・To be able to carry marketing survey and information gathering activity in Japan before starting a full scale operation, without having to support the burden of full size company and especially keeping a Japan Yen General Ledger and paying taxes.

・Can employ people in Japan and does not need to be registered with legal authorities like the Legal Affairs Bureau.

・It depends on the size of foreign company (head office), though, general processing time is 6-8weeks and able to consider actual business and life plan in Japan realistically

Limitation of Representative Office in Japan

・Cannot engage in sales or marketing activity.

・Basically, it cannot be engaged in any “for profit” activity that would give raise to a tax liability in Japan. It is a light first step to establish a company in Japan.

・Typical activities of representative office are public relations, advertising, market intelligence  and research and preparation to set up of a subsidiary.

Key Requirements

・Applicant has a physical office space in Japan

・Applicant have worked for at least the most recent 12months period at the parent company.

・The head office needs to be a registered company overseas, and there need to be other members working for the head office (other than yourself)

・The business size of the overseas company should be large enough to reasonably support the need to send you to Japan as a representative and pay your salary

・A Representative Office can only sponsor one person for a work visa application, so as a general requirement, you need to be the only member who will be working at your representative office in Japan.

Visa Validity

1, 3, 5 years depends on stability of business and circumstance.

No restriction for renewal as long as applicant keeps operation for appropriate business activity as a Representative Office.


In order to set up your business and obtain this visa, we provide complete support, in cooperation with other specialists, for business registration, accounting and tax support, and social insurance and labor laws for the successful launch of your business.