Yayoi Ashikaga

Managing Partner


Yayoi has more than 20 years of experience in the immigration service industry, including practical experience as a Senior Visa Officer in the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Embassy, Tokyo. During this period, she was responsible for making decisions on behalf of the Minister for various types of visa, such as Visitor, Student, Work, Temporary Resident, and Permanent Resident. In addition to working at the Australian Embassy, Yayoi has also spent time working in New Zealand, and as a result has built a solid network throughout the Oceania Region.

After leaving the Embassy, Yayoi worked in the financial industry, gaining skills in Global Mobility management and Human Resources, and building networks within that industry.

In addition to Australia and New Zealand Immigration service, we are expanding our service to other countries, particularly Investor visas, due to high demand. We collaborate with each country’s immigration lawyers and business partners to provide our valued clients with the best service.

Other activities

・Advisor at Tokyo office, Mazzeschi Srl
・Advisor, Japan Immigration Law practitioners Association (JILPA)
・Lecturer, Global Real Estate College (Japan America Real Estate Coalition Office-JARECO)
・Sales Executive, Keller Williams Tokyo
・SME Advisor, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, Japan
・Director, SAWA Child Foundation


・Pre-LLM, Beasley School of Law at Temple University, Japan Campus
・Bachelor of Law, Keio University
・Major in Piano Performance, Bachelor of Music, Kunitachi College of Music


・Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Japan
・Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, Japan
・Investment in the USA (IIUSA), United States

Article / Book

・Japan: Cultivating a New Source of USA EB-5 Investors – published by IIUSA Regional Center Business Journal (2019.10)
・Australia Work Visa Guidebook – published by JETRO Sydney (2014~)
・‘Comparison of Working Holiday program’ (2018.5) ‘Kokusai Jinryu’ magazine published by Japan Immigration Association
・Relocation Guidebook (2016~) – published by NNA/ Relo Excel International


Jun 2021

IIUSA Investor Market Series East Asia
Hosted by Invest In the USA (IIUSA)

Apr 2021

Australian Visa Updates during Travel Restriction due to COVID-19 in 2021
Hosted by JETRO Sydney

Apr 2021

Italian Immigration Update  – Business trip and Work visa
Hosted by Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Nov 2020

Panel Discussion「Emerging Investor Market Trends Around the Globe」IIUSA Virtual Industry Forum
Hosted by Invest In the USA (IIUSA)

Oct&Nov 2020

「Comparison between USA E-2 and EB-5 Visa」
Hosted by Japan America Real Estate Coalition Office (JARECO)

June 2020

「Comparison between USA E-2 and EB-5 Visa」
Hosted by List-Sotheby’s

June 2020

「Australian Visa Updates during Travel Restriction due to COVID-19」
Hosted by JETRO Sydney

Nov 2019

Panel Discussion「Challenges of Japan market」ANZ Opportunity Asia Delegation Tourism and Hospitality 2019
Hosted by Australia New Zealand Bank(ANZ)

Dec 2018

「USA EB-5 Visa & Hawaii Property Investment Seminar
Hosted by List-Sotheby’s

May 2017- June 2018

「Australia Work Visa regulations Updates Seminar」 No1.~No 3
Hosted by Japan Australia Business Council, Co-hosted by JETRO,
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, Japan Chamber of Commerce


「Australia Work Visa Regulations Updates Seminar」
Co-hosted by JETRO Sydney / Japan Chamber of Commerce (Sydney, Australia)

April 2018

「Understanding of the mentality of Japanese Investors」
Investment Immigration Summit Ho-Chi-Min City in Vietnam
Hosted by Harvey Law Group / Beacon

November 2017

Panel Discussion 「Challenges of Australian Investor Visa」
Investment Immigration Summit East Asia in Hong Kong
Hosted by Harvey Law Group / Beacon

2015- November 2016

「SME Support Program」 No1 – No.5
Co-hosted by Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce / JETRO / Tokyo Chamber of Commerce

August 2016

「Australia & New Zealand Investment Seminar」 Hosted by Australia & New Zealand Bank

June 2015

「Queensland State, Australia Immigration support seminar」
Hosted by Starts Corporation Supported by Queensland State Government, Japan office

May 2013

「Australia & New Zealand Immigration updates」
Hosted by Auckland Japan Business (Nisuikai)

April 2010

「Australian Immigration Regulations」(Conducted by English)
At the class 「Comparative Immigration Law」, Temple University Law School, Japan Campus